YUKO is the best-selling Ukrainian brand of automotive lubricants, which has been successfully gaining the confidence of consumers around the world for more than 20 years.

YUKO is the brand name of products of our company that are widely known in the Ukrainian market and abroad. The YUKO brand name was developed by transforming the YUKOIL company name to be more concise for pronunciation in different languages, taking into account the wide export geography. The brand logo is well-recognizable.

Today, YUKO oils are operating in the power units of the first Ukrainian icebreaker “Noosphere” and in diesel generators of the Vernadsky station in Antarctic, in tractors of agricultural holdings and turbines of power plants, and, of course, in car engines of dozens of countries around the world.

We were the first in Ukraine to start producing fully synthetic oils for cars with hybrid engines and synthetic racing oils.

YUKO racing oil is the choice of the multiple champion of Ukraine and the world champion in drifting Dmitry Illuk, a reliable partner of the brand.

YUKO is the first Ukrainian brand of lubricants to take part in the largest international exhibition of the automotive industry Automechanika in Frankfurt (Germany).

We are the top league. We play on equal ground with the world's leading oil brands. We are no longer curious about the second place. We want to win. To be the first. In quality, in market share, in sales volumes.

Yes, we didn't invent engine oil. But we were the first in Ukraine to introduce European production standards. In the future, we aim to become the trend-setters of the market by constantly implementing innovations.

We do not extract crude oil and do not launch rockets to Mars. We produce lubricants. Only them. And we are experts at this site. Because that’s all about for us. Fundamental objective.

YUKO - the principle of priority!