We carry out the close quality control of lubricating oils and lubricants in our own research laboratory accredited by the State Standard of Ukraine.

We have one of the most modern laboratories in Ukraine for the research of lubricants.

The availability of technological equipment allows to carry out daily in-depth analysis of incoming raw materials, as well as oils and lubricating oils at each stage of production.

Here are just several parameters for which we make the control in our laboratory:

●       Density at 20°C

●       Kinematic viscosity at temperature

●       Open cup flash point

●       Pour point

●       Mass fraction of mechanical impurities

●       Mass fraction of water

●       Water content

●       Corrosion of metals

●       Ash content

●       Mass fraction of sulfur

●       Mass fraction of phenol

●       Stability against oxidation

●       Acid number

●       Mass fraction of zinc

●       Mass fraction of calcium

●       Viscosity index

●       Acid number

●       Base number

●       Sulfate ash

●       Degree of purity

●       Tribological characteristics on a 4-ball machine

●       Drop point

●       Colloidal stability

●       pour point

●       elemental analysis

And hundreds of other tests.

When buying YUKO oils and lubricants, you can be 100% sure of a product that meets the highest international standards.