Dozens of cars bearing the name of the YUKO trademark on their boards are already passing thousands kilometers of Ukrainian and European roads every day and moving thousands tons of cargo to consumers.

The transport branding program was implemented in cooperation with leading carriers of the country, which have a variety of vehicles in their fleet. Most of them are highway trucks that operates in high speeds and loads conditions, where every day of unplanned repairs is very expensive for their owners. Many partners have already use Ukrainian motor oil #1 – YUKO and have experienced the benefits of its use. High-quality oils and lubricants, carefully selected by the technical support service of JV YUKOIL , have proven their effectiveness and led to the reduce of the costs for fuel and lubricants from 7 up to 10% for each drain interval. That fact emphasizes the high quality of the Ukrainian product, cause YUKO oils and graeses works successfully in the equipment of world brands – Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Scania and many others.

Join the transport branding program. We invite you to cooperate!