YUKO is the official supplier of lubricants for the Ukrainian Antarctic station «Akademik Vernadsky».

Within a joint project with the National Antarctic Science Center, the Yukoil company provided lubricants not only for the engine of the research vessel «Noosphere», but also engine oil for new VOLVO PENTA diesel generators, transmission, hydraulic oils for other equipment, that support the activities of the station in Antarctica.

We are proud to support this journey, which began in 2022, where the combination of technology and scientific research opens up endless possibilities.

For reference. The icebreaker «Noosphere» (ex James Clark Ross) served for many years as part of the British Antarctic Mission. In August 2021, Ukraine purchased it for the Akademik Vernadskyi station, and in January 2022, the icebreaker has started its first expedition under the Ukrainian flag.

This project emphasizes not only the high quality of Yuko's Ukrainian motor oils, but also the company's willingness to take an active part in the development of scientific research on the sixth continent!