Happy Motorist and Road Builder Day!

This holiday is for everyone whose life is connected with road and wheeled vehicles: professionals and amateurs, drivers and dispatchers, conductors and engineers, managers and workers of enterprises and departments of road transport and entrepreneurs engaged in the automotive business.

The automotive industry employs a large army of professionals who ensure the success of the functioning of the entire economic complex of the country, the vital activity of settlements. This is hard and demanding work that deserves high respect.

Dear owners, amateurs, auto mechanics, drivers and everyone involved in road transport!
We congratulate you on the holiday, we sincerely wish you health and well-being, high-quality, safe roads and decent working conditions. Let the Ukrainian roads be truly European, the cars reliable and durable, and let the green light always be on the way. Less traffic jams, more restraint and understanding on the roads. We wish you never have to stop, but the brakes have always worked.

And, most importantly, your family and friends are always waiting for you at home!

Respectfully yours, the team of JV "YUKOIL"