The success of our business, among other things, depends on the work of our suppliers, so we carefully choose our partners.

We appreciate the following criteria in our suppliers:

  • Positive reputation;

  • Consistency;

  • Transparency;

  • Development and innovation;

  • Competitive offers.

 We have more than 3,000 SKU of standard and customized products in our range - various oils, greases, cutting fluids and other service products under our own brands and Private Labels.

List of products we purchase on regular basis:

  • Base oils of Group I, II, III, IV;

  • Additives for lubricants;

  • Various types of packages for lubricants (plastic and tin cans, cartons, barrels);

  • Caps of various diameters for capping;

  • Labels;

  • Promotional materials;

  • Trade equipment;

  • PPE and workwear.

  • If you represent a suppli

er of one of the products listed above, fill out the form on the link and our staff will contact you soon.