Following the principle of primacy is the basis of the success of YUKOIL, which has been producing lubricants since 2002. Today, products under the YUKO brand are widely known in Ukraine and exported to more than 80 countries, and the company is one of the leaders in the lubricants industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

The company was founded by aviation engineers, for whom the pursuit of quality and reliability is an absolute professional skill. That is why product quality is always in the center of our attention.

It is obvious that the reliability and service life of equipment depends on the quality of the oil, and at the same time the reputation of our brand and the entire company. An honest reputation and customer loyalty allow us to build a sustainable business for the long term and invest in advanced technologies.

We employ over 350 people. They are friendly, competent and well-motivated people for whom optimal working conditions have been created. Our main asset is a strong and capable team, and their qualifications are our main competitive advantage.

In terms of technology and production culture, we have always looked up to the world's strongest German lubricants industry. Years of hard work bring results - in the world markets we are confidently competing with manufacturers fr om Germany and other EU countries.

YUKO brand offers the market automotive and industrial oils, lubricants, coolants, car care products. In cooperation with global additive manufacturers, we update our range with the latest generation of products every year. YUKO oils meet the requirements of leading car manufacturers and have approvals fr om Mercedes-Benz , VOLVO, MAN, Renault , General Electric , Cummins , etc.

Ecology, as an important component of social responsibility, is always in the focus of our attention. More than half of the energy we consume comes from renewable sources. Almost all used packaging materials are recyclable. Our production fully complies with the requirements of environmental legislation.

Through our actions, we implement the main principle of YUKO - the principle of primacy.

I am grateful to our customers who have made their choice in favor of YUKO! You are in the right company, wh ere your opinion and your requirements are treated with respect and attention.

If our principles are close to you, but you are not yet with us, I invite you to get acquainted.