"Just in time" - we adhere to this principle namely within cooperation with our business customers.

We understand clearly our responsibility for the quality of the products that we produce and about time for delivery.

The order management system implemented at our enterprise allows us to plan the supply of raw materials, packaging and manufactured goods with high accuracy, which is highly important while working with orders from business.

Having a long history of working with enterprises of various fields of the economy and critical infrastructure, we have studied in detail the specifics of lubricants usage, as well as the logistics features of these enterprises and developed optimal products and logistics solutions that can meet their requirements.

Our product range includes more than 3.000 item numbers of standard and special products - these are various oils, greases, cutting fluids and other service products.

Over the last 5 years, we took part in more than 15 000 tenders at various tender platforms and have good professional practice of interacting with customers using tender procedures while procurement.

To participate in tenders for import substitution at large enterprises, our research department has developed and introduced into production dozens of unique products, most of which were not previously produced in Ukraine.

Our team of technical specialists is always ready to study the specifics of any unit and mechanism, to choose the best lubricant from the YUKO range, or to transfer the technical enquiry to the research department for the development of a new product or an analogue of a previously used lubricant.

At your disposal are dozens of highly qualified specialists with significant experience and knowledge, aimed at a long-term mutually beneficial partnership.

We carefully study the needs of our customers and are always ready to provide them professional technical support, guaranteeing the validity of commercial offers and the just-in-time fulfillment of obligations incurred.

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