YUKO products are a guarantee of quality and reliability. We appreciate the trust of our customers, therefore we produce oils, greases and antifreezes in compliance with high world standards.

We make efforts more than most and do our job well, even when no one is watching. Namely these principles allowed «Yukoil» company to grow from a regional manufacturer into a global company supplying YUKO oils to more than 80 countries on all continents of the Earth.

Our engine oils meet the latest specifications and are approved by leading car manufacturers.

We use best raw materials for the production of YUKO oils, greases and antifreezes. We carry out laboratory testing of all manufactured products. Therefore, choosing YUKO, you can be absolutely sure of high quality.

Drift world champion – Ukrainian Dmitriy Illyuk uses YUKO oils in his cars , Ukrainian icebreaker “Noosphere” runs on Ukrainian YUKO oil, VOLVO generators at the Ukrainian station named after academician Vernadsky in Antarctica run on Ukrainian YUKO oil … These are just some examples that cause pride and Delight.

YUKO oils, greases and antifreezes are available in national retailers, online shops, gas stations and numbers of auto parts stores.