We make efforts more than most and do our job well, even when no one is watching. Namely these principles allowed «Yukoil» company to grow fr om a regional manufacturer into a global company supplying YUKO oils to more than 80 countries on all continents of the Earth.

Every day we offer our partners the best products, operational comfort and prompt service, as well as support at all stages of cooperation, providing the best opportunities for the sustainable growth of their business.

Advantages of cooperation with YUKO:

  • Dedicated account manager accompanying all business transactions and making communication between the partner and the company convenient and effective as much as possible;

  • Constant availability of products and prompt delivery of any batch;

  • The production time for most non-standard orders does not exceed 3 working days;

  • Clear pricing policy;

  • Regular promotional offers;

  • Support and assistance in technical matters with the possibility of prompt attendance of the client;

  • Support and assistance in advertising, marketing and PR.

We are open for partnership for the sale of lubricants with:

  • regional distribution companies;

  • big and small-scale wholesale trading companies.

If your business meets the following criteria, we are ready to offer cooperation to you:

  • The desire of the company to promote the Ukrainian product of European quality;

  • Positive reputation of the company in the region;

  • Commitment of the owner to the business;

  • Product portfolio balance;

  • Availability of resources to run and expand business;

  • Availability of system in place (team, composition, logistics);

  • The ability to use and pass to our partners the technologies and sales methods we offer.