*) 1. Operation temperature. 2. Extreme strength at 20°C. 3. Water resistance. 4. Ultimate load. 5. LWI.


Constant improvement of products under the conditions of consistently high quality is one of the priority of JV Yukoil LLC. The company's technologists developed a new product – Litol-24 EP (extreme pressure), with the addition of anti-wear additives.

Unlike the standard product, which has been manufactured for decades according to old standards, Litol-24 EP better resists:

  • wear and shock loads under standard working conditions temperatures;
  • washing with dirty and salty water due to excellent adhesion;
  • extremely low temperatures.

You can see this product on the shelves of retail chains in the nearest future in convenient packaging formats - 2.7, 9 and 17 kg. We are sure that the honest, attractive price of the new product will be impressive and pleasant for buyers.

Litol-24 EP is a new improved grease!