Brake fluid DOT 4

Revival of the production of Ukrainian products continues. The YUKOIL company continues to expand the line of service products of European quality. Meet the new product - YUKO DOT 4 brake fluid!


It is widely known that the YUKOIL company is a leader in the production of automotive oils, antifreezes and service products of the highest quality. Today, in response to the needs of the market, we offer a new modern synthetic brake fluid for hydraulic brake systems and clutch drives of cars and trucks.

Choice and cost

There are many DOT 4 products on the Ukrainian market, the cost of which differs by three times or even more. The upper echelon of this segment is occupied by well-known brands with a high price and stable quality, where the consumer pays mostly for the brand name. Below are little-known brands, which sometimes do not even have information about their origin. They do not care about quality and their reputation, but play on the low price.

That is why YUKOIL chose the "golden mean" - consistently high quality at a fair price. We offer the market a product worthy of the equipment of a discerning and thrifty owner.

Our brake fluid fully complies with a wide range of international and OEM standards. We embodied the best of flagship products of well-known brands - quality, packaging, brand reputation. And all this at a moderate price.

Packaging and transportation

The tin container in which the brake fluid is packed, an attribute of premium brands, not only protects the product from counterfeiting, but also ensures its reliable storage, minimizing the harmful effects of the environment. Yes, unlike other containers, tin is not hygroscopic, perfectly protects from sunlight and is more convenient to use.

Such containers withstand greater loads during transportation and prevent liquid leakage. Disposal of tin containers does not harm the environment.

In our work, we always follow only the best solutions and manufacture products of uncompromising quality!

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