The spring has come and the season of agricultural and garden works started. Every owner carefully selects materials for garden equipment maintenance and operation. TM «YUKO» oils and greases are suitable to any 2T and 4T units: from chain saws and trimmers to garden tractors. Modern YUKO lubricants help you to keep expensive equipment in excellent condition and make it operation flawless and efficient.

What are the special requirements for oils intended for 2 and 4-stroke engines and what’s the cause?

Firstly - cooling and lubrication system construction of the engine - where the oil supplied to the wear surfaces with the flow of air-fuel mixture.

Secondly - the special operating conditions - frequently changed engine loads and speed (from 5,000 to 15,000 rpm).

Third - is the environmental safety requirements and biodegradability.

2-stroke (2T) equipment motor oil.

2T garden equipment is the most common for private household use. The most important characteristics of that kind of oils are:

• adhesion to the lubricating surface to prevent flushing with fuel mixture;

• high extreme pressure quality;

• thermal stability and low volatility when heated (the 2T engines are the most "hot");

• excellent miscibility in the fuel-air mixture;

• compliance with API TC.

There are two oils for 2T garden equipment in the range of YUKO products.

Mineral oil - YUKO MOTOMIX 2T and Semisynthetic - YUKO SUPER SYNT 2T Green Garden.

4-stroke (4T) equipment motor oil.

Used for modern 4-stroke engines lubrication of garden machinery and power equipment, cultivators, generators, water pumps, plow and other. Typically 4T engines are used for heavy duty works. Very often the engines of 4T equipment don't get warming-up before the load. So there are some important properties for 4T oil such as:

• Oil film strength under extreme loads;

• High thermal stability;

• Deposits formation resistance;

• The minimum smokiness and exhaust emissions;

• Viscosity SAE classification: SAE 30, 10W30, 10W40, depending on the season and in accordance to OEM manuals;

• min Class API SF/CC.

All 4T YUKO oils meet the requirements of API SL/CF and JASO MA2 T903: 2011 (Japanese standard for motor vehicles). YUKO has 2 products for 4T machines: seasonal mineral oil YUKO MASTER 4T SAE 30 and multigrade semisynthetic oil - YUKO MASTER SYNT 4T 10W-30.

Oil for saw chains.

Oils that intended for saw chains and guide bars with manual and automatic lubrication system (Stihl, Bosch, Black & Decker, Husqvarna, etc.). YUKO provides special oil YUKO PILAN (ISO 100), with the special features such as:

• High penetration and adhesion (to prevent discharge of oil);
• Fluidity for an easy flow;
• Excellent extreme pressure properties to prevent jamming.

Compressor oil.

It designed to ensure optimal system pressure and excellent wear protection under extreme loads.

YUKO provides VDL 100 compressor oil for transport, household and industrial compressors.

For the bearings, gears and other lubrication units of garden equipment YUKO offers a wide range of universal and special oils.

Modern lubricants YUKO can provide 100% needs for maintenance, storage and operation of garden machinery and meet the requirements and standards of the modern international machinery manufacturers. High quality YUKO products and prices were highly appreciated by our international partners in over than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and CIS. We are sure you'll appreciate them too.